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Click "Apply Now" and follow the simple application instructions 


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Come to France and change your life forever

Will I ever again have a chance to learn this much, and do this much, in such a short amount of time, on my own, at this price?

The Chez Vous Summer Experience
Financial Information
and Payments
Overview of Application Process &
Important Dates
  • Most efficient way to absorb French language and culture

  • Experience more in 7 weeks than most students do in a semester

  • Make connections and relationships

  • Earn 3-9 college credits, and a resume enhancement for the future!

  • Become a source of spiritual hope for many who need it . . .


What great job could I miss out on if I can't speak a little French?

What opportunities could pass me by if I don't have any international experience?

Hey, we know this isn't easy. Sure, Study Abroad is exciting. BUT, there's the expense, the time, the hassles, the big unknowns. And of course many students worry a little bit about how hard it will be. Can I do well? And will the effort be worth it? 


And even if I DO make progress in French, how hard will it be getting to know actual French people??? THAT seems a little nerve-wracking too! 


Please know that we understand these kinds of doubts - they are very normal and very common! 


Chez Vous is a supportive and family-style program, supporting students like you through these uncertainties and giving you a chance to gain confidence and comfort in French culture and language. With some 350 alumni over 25 years, it is our honor to help you become the International Christian that French people enjoy meeting and talking to.

If you are an alum of Chez Vous Summer with whom we have lost touch, we would love to hear from you!  Please give us a brief update through just a few questions below . . . thank you!
(only 2 1/2 minutes!)
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